Stop the Carbon Tax

The PC Caucus put forward a motion calling on government to release all information and documentation related to Carbon Tax so that Islanders can see for themselves how the Liberal government came to the conclusion that a Carbon Tax is a "good thing" for Islanders.

But, guess what - the Liberal's voted it down! 

The Liberal's want to keep this Carbon Tax a secret.  They don't want to give Islanders any information they just want your money.

Here's what we do know from the Conference Board of Canada:

  • Education, health and others services will increase by 0.9%

  • Food and beverages will increase by 1.2%

  • Vehicles and parts will increase by 0.5%

  • Motor fuels and lubricants will increase by 9.7%

  • Insurance, financial and legal services will increase by 0.7%

  • Gas, electricity and other fuels will increase by 14.8%

  • Accommodation and restaurants will increase by 0.8%

  • Furnishings and household appliances will increase by 0.6%

  • Clothing and footwear will increase by 0.6%

By 2025 total costs to the average Canadian household will be about $2,000 per year as wages drop and prices rise.

This isn't fair. 

We believe we need to pump the breaks on this Carbon Tax.  Islanders have always been stewards of the environment and our party has a long standing history of being stewards of the environment. 

It was a PC government under Premier Pat Binns that instituted Waste Watch and we were the first Canadian province to offer waste management services to every home and business resulting in a 65% waste diversion rate and closure of many community landfills.

It was also a PC government who made investments to expand renewable energy with the development of the North Cape Wind Farm in West Prince.  This strengthened P.E.I.'s credentials as a national leader in environmental sustainability.

We believe there are better ways to respect our environment and reduce emissions other than instituting a Carbon Tax.