Road and pedestrian safety along Route 2 needs improvement: Stewart-Clark

East Royalty - Action needs to be taken to address road and pedestrian safety along the St. Peter’s Road in East Royalty, says Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park Progressive Conservative candidate Dr. Sarah Stewart-Clark.

"Our part of the city is growing quickly but our transportation infrastructure isn’t keeping up. Concern about traffic safety along this busy stretch of highway is something that I’m hearing a lot about from residents when I go door to door in Hillsborough Park and East Royalty," says Stewart-Clark. "If we don’t take steps to improve road safety along this busy stretch of highway then it will put families and motorists at greater risk and hamper future residential and commercial growth and development in the area."

Stewart-Clark pointed in particular to the busy intersection of St. Peter’s Road with both Norwood Road and Northridge Parkway. The intersection is heavily travelled but lacks crosswalks or any active transportation infrastructure to connect residents on either side of the highway, literally physically dividing residents of the district. With new residential developments planned for the area traffic pressure will only increase, Stewart-Clark notes.

"The provincial government promised action on this problem in 2011 and again in 2015 just before elections. The people that made those promises are now the Premier and the Premier’s Chief of Staff so it’s pretty clear that nothing will happen to improve the situation under this current government. Residents and families in Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park deserve better,” said Stewart-Clark.

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