Ready to Run?

Are you interested in becoming a candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island in the next provincial election? If you are, we would like to hear from you.

Step #1: Self Questionnaire 

The Candidate Search Committee will provide you with a self questionnaire that will provide you an opportunity to learn more about the roles and responsibilities associated with a candidate for nomination, a nominated candidate, and an MLA.  

Step #2: Candidate Application Package

The Candidate Application Package includes an in depth questionnaire about the candidate seeking a nomination.  The Candidate Application Package will only be reviewed by members of the Candidate Search Committee for validity and accuracy.  An in-person meeting will occur with members from the Candidate Search Committee and the Candidate seeking nomination to answer any questions for both the Candidate Search Committee and the Candidate seeking nomination. 

Step #3: Nomination Package 

A nomination package must be completed and signed by the Provincial Party President and the District President.  After review and confirmation of accuracy and validity the candidate will then be considered a Candidate for Nomination.  A Nomination Meeting date will be set by the Provincial Party & the District Association at Executive.  


For more information contact: 

Candidate Search Committee 
Email: [email protected]