Borden-Carleton  – Opposition Leader Jamie Fox can’t understand why Premier Wade MacLauchlan continues trying to mislead Islanders about missing and deleted emails from his government’s eGaming scandal.

“The Premier went on television last night blustering on about 2500 email accounts closed over the last 9 years, trying to confuse people. He knows that the Auditor General didn’t full have access to email records from the eGaming scandal because it was noted in the Auditor General’s Report. That’s what we asked him about in the Legislature day after day. I can’t understand why the Premier would persist in trying to mislead Islanders about this,” says Fox.

Fox was referring to a year-end media television interview with Premier MacLauchlan that aired last evening where the Premier threatened to release the names of 2500 former public servants whose email accounts were retired when they left the public service due to questions from Opposition PC MLA’s about missing and deleted eGaming emails.

The 2016 Auditor General’s Report includes a section on scope limitations describing how relevant information was withheld from the Auditor General’s Office during the review, including emails, saying specifically:

“Email accounts of some former government officials who were key participants in the eGaming initiative, the loyalty card program, and/or the financial service platform were closed, deleted and could not be recovered. We were not provided any emails or other government records for these individuals. We have received some records from other public bodies and sources external to government that should have been retained from these email accounts.” - 2016 Auditor General’s Report into eGaming, P. 53 (Scope Limitations)

“The more the Premier tries to cover up his government’s eGaming scandal the more questions Islanders will have about the trustworthiness of this tired, arrogant government,” says Fox.