Looking to Volunteer with the PC Party?

Are you a member of the PC Party and looking to volunteer to assist our PC team?   Our party is built by volunteers from across the province and we would be happy to have you join our team! 

Office Assistance and Administration 

We are always looking for assistance in the provincial office with tasks such as membership entry, membership renewals, answering phone calls, responding to e-mail inquiries, etc. 

Local District Association

Joining a local District Association helps prepare districts for the next election. 

Campaign Assistance

Assisting on campaigns is key to our success as a party.   Training is provided for specific tasks that are key to running a campaign and electing a PC MLA. 

Volunteer at Events 

We host both online and in-person events across the province and require assistance with planning and executing those events.   Events such as fundraising dinners, our annual golf tournament, or just a social for members to connect with MLAs and other party members.  

Phone Calls

Between elections keeping in contact with our membership is key.  We have volunteers who make phone calls to renew memberships, ask for donations, or to update contact information and the calls can be made from your home or at our provincial office. 

Door Knocking 

Knocking on doors is critical not only during campaigns but between campaigns as well.   Knocking on doors provides an opportunity to our bring our positive message directly to door-steps.

Host an Event 

Volunteers can host events in their communities for members to engage with one another or invite one of our MLAs to attend to hear directly from our members about ideas and solutions to make Prince Edward Island a better place to live, work and raise a family.  Assistance can be provided in hosting an event from our provincial office (ie. covering rental fees, assistance promoting the event, etc.)

Social Media 

We are always looking for new ideas to help promote our positive message to Islanders through social media.  You can assist with creating content, posting content, monitoring social media, etc.

Policy Development 

PC Party policy comes from our grassroots members such as you.  Policy is created by listening to Islanders from tip to tip and finding solutions that can then be considered for the platform in the next election. 

2022 AGM Committee 

The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be in the Fall.  This event is a chance to connect with fellow PC members, hear from our PC team and PC Leader and get ready for the next election.  In order for the AGM to be successful, we need a team of volunteers to help plan, organize and execute the AGM.  

Election Readiness Committee

The Election Readiness Committee is tasked with ensuring that our party is ready for the next election.   There are a variety of roles available on the committee.  

For more information please contact: 

Provincial Executive 
(902) 628-8679
[email protected]