Dennis King PC Government will implement community based preschool for all Island four year olds

A New Dennis King Progressive Conservative Government Will: 

  • Implement an Island wide community-based preschool program for all four year olds. This program will help children improve language, social and thinking skills that helped them make a smoother transition to public kindergarten. This program will also benefit Island parents, allowing them to more time for self-care, undertake job seeking activities, take care of home responsibilities, and strengthen and improve family understanding and relationships. 


King proposes community based preschool program for Island four year olds 
Roseneath - Island families will be able to access a community-based preschool program for four year olds under a Dennis King led PC government. PC Leader Dennis King and local candidates announced plans for the new program at a local child care centre this morning.

“Having a head start in learning means having a head start in life. Research shows that preschool for four year olds improves a child’s language, thinking and social skills and better prepares them for kindergarten and school,” says King. 

King explained that the model being proposed would be implemented as a community-based, half-day program and that a government under his leadership would work collaboratively with the early learning sector, parents, and communities to develop the criteria, standards and guidelines needed to successfully deliver a quality program for Island children. King also committed that as Premier he will appoint a special advisor to develop the implementation plan, as recommended by the recent McCain Foundation report on early learning. 

King said that the estimated startup cost for the preschool program would be approximately $5 million which would be partly offset by both increased employment for workers in the early learning sector and give parents with greater flexibility to re-enter the workforce.

“A government I lead will set our children up to succeed – not just in school, but socially, too. The earlier we help our kids to learn and to interact with others, the more confidence they will carry with them into their futures, and into their lives,” says King.