Cancel Today’s Rental Rate Hike: Compton

Charlottetown – PC MLA Darlene Compton is demanding that the MacLauchlan Government step in and immediately cancel the residential rental rate increase, that was announced today.

“I cannot believe with our housing crisis that we are facing that Government is allowing the largest rental rate hike in six years. This is an example of senior officials being completely out-of-touch with the realities that Islanders are facing,” said Compton. “Wade MacLauchlan and his Ministers continue to ignore the facts, and vulnerable Islanders are being made to suffer. Enough is enough. Cancel this rental rate hike.”

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC) today announced their largest residential rent increases in the past six years.

Compton also pointed out that for some time now, the PC Caucus has been fighting for Islanders to bring accountability and fairness into regulatory proceedings.

“We keep seeing flawed and fixed processes like today’s rental hikes, gas and diesel price hikes, and forced amalgamation; that end up costing Islanders more without a fair hearing,” said Compton. “Jamie Fox has a Private Members Bill before the Legislature right now that would force a citizen advocate, called a public intervener, upon IRAC to ensure the public interest is well-represented in all regulatory proceedings.”