Bill 116: Providing Support for Victims of Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence & Sexual Violence

Our PC Caucus believes in supporting all Islanders, not just a select few.  

On May 17th we introduced Bill 116 to provide support for victims of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and sexual violence.  If the current government won't stand up for some of our most vulnerable Islanders - we will. 

Victims of sexual violence need time to heal.  Our PC Caucus recognizes the barriers that survivors of these traumatic incidents have to access supports to help them in healing.  That is why we believe that there should be paid leave available for survivors to ensure that these individuals have the ability to properly heal and provide them with an opportunity to access support services without suffering from a financial loss with missing time from work. 

We encourage all Islanders to show their support by signing this petition to allow survivors to access a three days of paid leave from their employment to aid in their healing process from the traumatic experience that they have endured.