Aylward supports teachers in call for more classroom resources

Opposition Leader James Aylward is renewing his caucus' call for more instructional staff and resources to better support young Island learners, following up government’s announcement to review standardized testing in public schools.

“Our school system must focus solely on child-centered education; what is best for each child. As a province we must nurture all young learners and their individual learning styles,” said Aylward. "The current standardized testing approach is not working. Teachers and parents are telling us that more classroom supports are needed, rather than excessive testing with no follow-up action."

Aylward said his team has heard many concerns from Island parents and educators about the current approach to evaluating student achievement. These concerns include the high exemption rates of students, the amount of instructional time taken up preparing for these tests, and the confused, obscure manner in which results are made publicly available.

Opposition Education critic Matthew MacKay believes the top-down approach in the Education system is having a negative impact on many Island classrooms.  
"The system is not properly supporting our students and educators. Testing for the sake of testing with no follow-up, and no available, additional classroom resources to intervene and assist is not helping our children," said MacKay. "It is time to return the focus to the child and ensure that the system is focused on supporting all children in reaching their individual potential."