Adam Martell Seeking District 3 Nomination

Montague small businessman and property manager Adam Martell has announced his intention to seek the Progressive Conservative nomination for District 3, Montague-Kilmuir in the next provincial election.

“As a parent, you want to make sure that kids have the best opportunities to grow, learn and build our community,” said Martell.

“To do that we need to have a strong representative working for the people. I think that my experience in business, housing and community initiatives will give me insights that can be put to work for the people of Montague-Kilmuir.”

Martell wants to bring a collaborative approach to the issues facing the district and thinks that his past experience as a municipal councillor in Georgetown will be an asset as he seeks the nomination.

“Islanders are looking for change, and I’m excited by the possibility of being part of Dennis King’s new PC team bringing change for Islanders,” he said.

A graduate of Montague Regional High School and Holland College, Martell is currently the vice-president for the District 3 PC association and recently a member of the Community Welfare League.

Prior to that, Martell was a soccer coach, volunteer firefighter, youth group co-ordinator and the student representative for the Holland College board of governors and was elected at the age of 18 to serve as a member of Georgetown town council.

The nomination meeting will be held March 5 at the Kaylee Hall in Poole’s Corner.